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Geocacher since: March 29th, 2013 user since: May 5th, 2015
Number of finds: 2 898
Number of trips: 4
Favorite cache type: Traditional
Favorite print template: Detailed, left aligned – EiFlei+anirt Version
Home county:  Buskerud  Norway

How is your caching style?

Trips in as many new municipalities as possible. Likes to see new places.

Tell us a bit about your last trip

Completely insane. Drove for 3 days to reach a series of municipalities. To find the boss’s box on Frøya. The box was from 2002. Really cool!

Which feature on are you most happy about?

The print template. And automatic routing. I also really like the new app.

What functionality do you emphasize when talking about to people who do not use

I show them the map. With different priorities and driving routes. Then I show them the print template.

Why do you use

Because it makes my geocaching and life a whole lot better.

Why do you contribute financially to

Because I love the product. And you support tihngs you like.

What is the most important thing does for you?

Develop new things. And is visible. An extra plus is that you listen to your users.

How has helped you plan trips with others?

By being able to invite them. Also that the Cachetur Assistant integrates with Project-GC. This makes it easier to plan routes by what others are missing/needing.

How did the app help you on your trip?

By opening Google maps, and navigating me to the right place. Less gadgets in the car. Real handy with “arrived” and new ETA on upcoming caches.

What do you think about the user support?


Something else you want to say?

Keep on. I know how much woork you do here. I’ve now made my first trip alone. And it was much easier then I thought. The first step was a little long.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)