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Trip description written by Mikkeline69:

I’m always roaming the map looking for good geoarts and in Madrid I found a bunch. I started to solve some, thinking that this may become a trip. I submitted an invitation on Geotur for Indre Østfold Cachere on Facebook and it didn’t take long before the trip was a reality.

The trip required some preparation

I love Geoart, Mysteries, Wherigos, Letterboxes, Multies – all that requires a little extra in advance. It requires PLANNING, and I like it. But without it would be a crazy big manual job. Many geoarts are not set up to start at No. 1 and continue up in order unfortunately helps me very much with changing the order to a natural round / streak. In Spain it is very common to use spoiler pictures, and that’s great when printing the trips from

We had a plan!

I brought 3.2 kilos (7.05479239 pounds)of paper in the suitcase with lovely detailed plans of the trip.’s feature in printing – Automatically translated hints were of great help and saved us from many hours of manual translation. Spanish is not our strong side. We rented 3 cars and each car brought the trips on paper.

A good gang on a trip

A total of 1527 caches were found for the IØC gang, consisting of Akkim + M, Agnhorst, Lille ro, Torille, Bortevekk, Ihnorby, Team Hornseth, Gurimalla68, Dronning67, Stensbye and myself Mikkeline69. Many milestones were reached during the trip and they were all duly celebrated.

I thank all my traveling companions and who made the trip so good. This was not our first trip together and will probably not be the last one.

Mikkeline69 (to the right of the picture)

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)

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