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Many months have passed since the last update to the app. We have been working hard during the last weeks to develop and prepare the next version for release. A very unique thing in this version, is that Olet has helped with the development, and he has made everything that’s related to RV sites in this update.

The new version comes with improved performance and stability, and a lot of other improvements.

See the full changelog here. We hope you enjoy this new version as much as we do!

View and comment on RV sites

A lot has happened since the previous version, and you can now both view, rate, and comment on RV sites directly from the app.

Make the app your own

We all use in different ways, and to allow you to make the app a bit more personal, we have added a section for user settings.

The most important setting, at least for some, is probably the option to use waypoint numbering instead of geocache numbering.

Improvements to the waypoint list, details and map

The waypoint list now comes with more details, and you can quickly see how far you’ve come thanks to the new background color on already visited caches.

Priority is now indicated directly in the map, and you can select the map type you want to use. Additional waypoint, including custom parking, can now be opened via the map-button.

View unevents directly in the app

You are now able to view unevents directly in the app event list.

Give us your feedback

We would love to get your feedback, both if you’re happy and if you’re not! If you don’t need a reply, you can use the feedback feature directly in the app.

Did you notice this?

Olet is not the only one that’s been helping during the last couple weeks, cghove has also contributed – and made it possible for everyone to use the Cachetur Assistant on the new search map! Isn’t that awesome?

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)


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