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Stuck in quarantine? Not enough geocaching? We got you covered!

Thanks to our awesome ambassadors, we’re now able to, for a limited time period, offer home delivery of cache logs for signing!

You create a trip, we go out, find the caches, bring the logs to you, and bring them back again after you’ve signed them.

We supply gloves, antibac, and a anti-bacterial pen (which you get to keep).

Ambassador delivery

This is how you order

  1. Create a new trip with the type “Corona trip”
  2. Make it password protected
  3. Add the coordinates to where you are quarantined as the first waypoint
  4. Add the caches you want to get delivered (remember corrected coordinates for unknowns)
  5. Fill out the order form specifying the trip ID and the trip password


  • The caches have to be within 5 km (that is 3.106856 miles, or 0.0000000000005285004 lightyears)
  • We have ambassadors all over the globe, and will try as hard as we can to deliver your requested caches – but we cannot guarantee that we are able to deliver to every corner of the world
  • Some caches might result in DNF, in those cases, we’ll add the DNF log automatically to the logging tool for you

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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