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The year 2019 has long since passed and for it was a year filled with new record numbers. The greatest of those were passing 50.000 trips, which happened when we weren’t looking.

In 2019 we got 4144 new users on This increase was part due to being mentioned in several podcasts as well as as classes being held on several different continents. Since has little use for non-premium members of we still maintain 98% premium members among our users.

As mentioned there has been several new trips and in 2019 alone 22749 new trips were set up. 5721 of these trips were subtrips. Looking at the numbers, is used for planning trips stretching over several days. About 24% of the trips are subtrips. Since many user plan ahead we have about 1415 drafts and all together 4309 trips. That’s about 8.5% of all trips. It’s good to seethat people plan ahead.

In 2019 also added a publishing tool, allowing users topublish logs through 7186 logs with a total of 4737 pictures were logged among our users. Not everyone is logging as they go, so at the turn of the year there are still 6098 logs in our system waiting for users to finish logging. is a splendid tool for planning trips with other geocachers and in 2019 there were a total of 25621 invites from other geocachers. A total of 7498 comments were written on tripsthat either were completed or is still in the planning stages. On completed trips there were written 1448 task answers to either earthcaches or virtual caches with the help of the post-trip assistant on

Templates can give you great tips for trips and in 2019 there were 98 new templates made, making the total number of active templates 297 at the end of the year. There is still room for plenty of new templates in any area.

In planning trips or saving caches for future visits, lots of users make lists. 437 new lists were made last year. The total numbers of lists were 1283 at the end of the year. is constantly working in the background and in 2019 logs for 315727 caches were fetched. Since logs are fetched for every single user, 29271 will-attend logs and 22314370 found logs were fetched in 2019. That’s almost more than 3 million logs more than had fetched at the same timelast year!

This was just a short piece of the numbers, only thing left to say is– have a happy cache-year.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)