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It is easy to sit and shake your head over all the admonitions, aggravations and restrictions that we receive these days. And it’s easy to lose some courage. For many people. But what could be more life-giving than watching news around the clock?

For some of us, it is clearly much better to look at the opportunities. And they are there. Even though they are far ahead, there are still opportunities. There will be times when traveling again is much easier. And when that day comes, that this is a possibility, would I sit inside, or would I want get out? For me, the answer is very clear: I want out. So that’s why I now want to use the next days / weeks, yes maybe even the months to make my opportunities clear. I want to plan.

For by dreaming of a trip for myself, either to a country I want to visit, a city I want to see again or a trip into unknown land, I find bright spots I can give myself and drive myself forward with, even if events are now canceled or postponed. So why not make a trip to the country or city or area you want to visit?

Feel free to set up the trip as a draft, invite people you want to go on tour with, and use the / cachetur-assistant to find good goals that you can reach when the time comes. Anyway, will be able to notify you if any of the caches you are planning to change, and when you start to see the contours of a trip, you will also be able to get information about new events coming along the route when the time comes. And maybe some of you are also able to solve some mystery caches before the tour gets underway?

Do not sit inside and look at the world negatively! Instead, sit inside and plan your next experience, and know that it’s coming. And that with you and your travel companions will have everything ready when you leave. So look at the geocache map rather than the print host in the newspaper’s virus alert.

Happy planning.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)