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Did you know that cachetur is supported entirely by donations from users?

My donation:
  1. Helps pay for storage of my trips, lists, and templates
  2. Helps pay for translation into my language
  3. Helps pay for route optimization
  4. Helps pay for the domains and web hosting
  5. Helps pay for hardware needed for app development
  6. Helps pay for software licenses needed for web & app development
In addition to keeping the lights on at cachetur, I give because:
  1. Every donation goes directly to maintaining and improving and the app. 
  2. Everyone who works on cachetur is a volunteer. No one is being paid.
  3. Every caching trip I take (even a day trip) is better because of cachetur
  4. Cachetur helps me achieve my goals, maximize my fun, and get the most from every caching day.

It’s easy to donate

Giving to is easy, and you get to choose the support level you can afford. You can set up a one time or recurring donation at As a donor you receive recognition and a thank you banner when non-contributors see a donation reminder.  Geocaching organizations and associations are also encouraged to donate and receive recognition.


Contributors have access to statistics and financial statements via the contributor portal, the contributor group on Facebook, and the contributor channel on our Slack.

Everyone has their own reasons for using cachetur.
Everyone has their own reasons for donating.
What’s yours?

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)