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We have just released version 1.8 of our mobile app. And we have renamed it to “ Trip Assistant”, to make it clear that this app is meant to be just an assistant, not a fully blown geocaching/trip planning app (we have for planning ;)).

The app is already available for Android, but will as usual take a bit longer to get available for iOS.

Important information for Android users

Due to a bug in the framework we use in the app, it will look like you’ve lost all your trips on the first startup after you’ve upgraded. Don’t worry, the trips are still there. But you have to restart (fully restart, not just minimize) the app to get them to show.

Performance improvements

General performance improvements might be the most important change in this version. For most users, the app will feel a lot faster, and hopefully more pleasant to use.


You might have some trips where there’s places you need to be at certain times. Maybe you plan to attend an event, you have a ferry to catch etc. In cases like these, it will be more useful to know the estimated arrival at this location, instead of at the last waypoint (unless they are the same).

To get the app to tell you this, you can set the waypoint as a checkpoint. Press the three dots, and then Set as checkpoint.

The waypoint is now marked as a checkpoint, and the status bar will track the status and estimated arrival at the next checkpoint (or the last after you’ve visited the checkpoint). The checkpoint is also indicated in the trip list with a red flag.

Upload arrival and departure times

You may also upload all registered arrival and departure times from the app to This will make them visible in the Post-Trip Assistant, where you’ll also be able to view them on a map (like in the app).

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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