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Feedback from our users are important to us. And that’s why we’re currently doing a user survey. If you haven’t already answered, we appreciate if you can take a couple minutes to do so.

Thank you to all that have answered!

As usual during surveys like this, we get requests for features that we already have. All answers are anonymous, so we’ll comment some of the requests here, since we can’t contact any of you directly. is not a geocaching app

It looks like there’s some confusion around what is, and also some confusion around some of the questions in this survey. is a web based tool for planning geocaching trips. Our mobile app is a “paperless trip book” (thanks to Korsgat for that name), not a geocaching app.

We have chosen to focus on tools that are not already available in other services/apps. We prefer integrations and cooperation over building competing tools. But even though we want it, not all apps want to be integrated.

The paperless trip book (the mobile app) is not a planning app. Planning is done on, in a browser. We made a very firm decision regarding this before we even started working on the mobile app. It’s the only way we can ensure that there’s enough hours left in a day to maintain and keep running. We also want to keep the paperless trip book (the mobile app) as clean and simple as possible (which is something several have answered that they want us to do).

But we do love notes

The most requested feature in this survey, is the ability to mark finds and add notes in the paperless trip book (the mobile app).

We’ve actually had this feature for about a month already. You can add notes both on the trip itself, and on each waypoint.

The notes will appear in the Post-Trip Assistant and in the task answer feature for earthcaches and virtuals (as long as you remember to upload them from the app). You can also upload pictures. The notes may also be edited in the app at a later time, and re-uploaded to cachetur.

We’ll add more information about this in the help center.

The help center and training

And that brings us to the next on the list. Some have commented that there’s a lot of features on And that’s true. We have a lot of features because we enjoy creating features that people want 🙂

Much is already explained in our help center, and we are constantly working on adding more information. But this take time, and we don’t have as much capacity as we want (help needed!).

FAD 2017

One of the questions asked if you have attended any classes/workshops, which many have done already. All that have attended, have learned something from it. So we hope to be able to do more classes, workshops and podcast participation. So feel free to contact us if you want us to come talk at your event!

ETA and calculation of stop times

Most respondents are happy about our route, stop time and ETA calculation. Both with the features in general, and the accuracy. But a couple have stated that it either “never works” or often doesn’t work as good as it should.

We have already made some settings that can help you adjust these calculations. You’ll find them in the trip settings. We recommend that you look at “Factor when calculating time for extra caches” and “Administration time per cache (seconds)”.

If you still experience bad accuracy, please let us know! Send us a message through our support system, and tell us some details about your trip and what you believe were wrong. Provide as much details about the timings as possible. This is the only way we can get this feature improved.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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