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The summer is finally here (at least in Norway, sorry Australia)! That means caching season.

We hope that you will enjoy the summer, go on lots of trips and find lots of great caches. And of course we hope that you use to plan those trips 😉

It’s caching season also for us, which means that development will slow down significantly during the next months. Support however will be fully operational during the entire summer.

A couple weeks ago, we reached 40 000 trips – about one year after we celebrated trip number 20 000. The number has doubled for the second year in a row!

This year so far

And we have grown in all possible ways. A lot has happened already this year. It’s looking better financially as well this year, but we still need contributions.

We’ve continued spending time on building better admin, moderator and support tools. And also training our ambassadors in using the tools.

We have introduced several new features, and greatly improved old functionality. As usual, we’ve also added some bugs to be fixed later.

Issues done

We have closed a lot of issues lately, and that is very easy to see in the graph above. 

Share your experience

Are you happy with Did help you this summer? Share your experiences with us! Either through any of our Facebook groups, or by sending us a message directly.

We hope you will take the time to submit your feedback, your ideas and let us know about small annoyances (that might be super easy to fix).

Summer pictures

We love seeing pictures of in the wild. Pictures of your trip plan (or our app, our tag or any other swag), with a great view, a fun cache or just in your car. So please share your photos!

Tag your photos with #cacheturno (no dot) on Instagram, or on our Facebook page.

Your pictures will be displayed on the dashboard, and on our social media page.

Trip plan

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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