Just a quick invitation in English, there’s been some “backroom” chat amongst the ambassadors on trying to use our youtube channel as a sort of interactive workshop classroom, where you our users can ask your questions, and get them answered.

So the show will be hosted by cachetur professionals, but amateur live streamers so things might not go according to our hopes, please don’t be shy ask in the chat

We haven’t really set a fixed time for how often and when we are going to run these streams, since they have to fit into the rest of our lives 🙂

We have our slack community where some of you already are participating, (slack can be viewed either in one of or all of web browser, windows/mac desktop app, or on a android/ios app) there we also have a channel called youtube where you can come with suggestion of topics before a show, or contact us at https://cachetur.no/kontakt/ny to be anonomys (select suggestion from the drop down)

For our very first live stream, our ambassador cghove figured that since he’s now on a strange sleep cycle, and have some free time, he could try to do this first show in English to see how it goes.

So our first show will be at 3AM sunday 21st of july Norwegian time, so for those of our users in the US that will be at 8PM (CST) saturday 20th of july

Live youtube chat here

A Norwegian/Scandinaian version will follow later