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We’ve received numerous complaints from users that think they have to do too much of the job themselves. The comments we get, often look like this:

I expect to know exactly where I’m going, where I’m coming from and give me a list of all the best caches along the route.

They also say that is hard to use: is not that easy.

We are working on it!

We’ve been working on this for a long time, and have finally gotten the permissions we need to use Clippy! You might know him for earlier versions of MS Office products? Back then, he helped you find things in Microsoft Word, now we hope he’ll soon be able to help you make your next trip plan.

Unfortunately, Clippy is still in training. And he will wander around seemingly at random. But he’s here for a reason; he’s here to learn! And when Clippy has learned how works, he’ll soon be able to do exactly what you expect him to be able to do.

Clippy was not cheap

This has been a costly and time consuming project. Clippy was not cheap, but we believe he’ll be worth it!

We hope you’ll welcome Clippy, and we look forward to the time when he can help us do what so many expect 🙂

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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