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A lot has happened since started almost 5 years ago. And a lot that made sense back then, doesn’t make sense anymore. One of the things that doesn’t make sense anymore, is public trips. So we’re retiring them.


When started, we were a small and local tool. was never meant to be a large international site, it wasn’t even meant to be a national site when we started. But people enjoyed using, and saying no was not an option. The rest is history.

So while public trips made sense when we had 30 users, it doesn’t make sense anymore when we have more than 7000. How often do you invite 7000 people to join you on a trip? Which is effectively what you did when you made a public trip. And how often do you join people you’ve never met before on a trip? We encourage you to try the latter, it’s a very nice way to make new friends! But we don’t think public trips are the right tool for this.

The largest issue however, is people using public trips without understanding the consequences. And make personal information public, possibly without knowing (even though we tried making it as clear as we could).

What happens to my public trip?

After discussing this internally, we have decided that the best to do is to convert all public trips to private trips.

The trip will still work as it did, and all participants will still have access to the trip. The only difference is that any new participant, must be invited.

What are my alternatives?

Of all trips registered on, only 1.4% of them are public. So we don’t think this feature will be missed.

There are however a couple alternatives:

Password protected trips

Password protected trips can be shared, and anyone you share the trip password with can access the trip. This is the easiest option if you want to share the trip with a large group of people.

Group trips

Group trips are the best option if you often travel with the same group of people. Create a group, invite all of them to the group and then connect the trip to the group when creating it. This will instantly give all group members access to the trip.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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