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2019 has started, and we’ve just finished writing our annual report for 2018 (for the first time available in English). It is available to our contributors in the contributor portal. I want to summarize some of the report here.

We’ve beaten most of our previous records, both in number of new users, new trips, new lists, contributors and ambassadors. We’ve also been officially represented on 25 events in 2018! Five of them were mega events, and one of them giga. 2018 really was a fantastic year for!

The user survey

We had a short user survey at the end of last year. The participation wasn’t the highest this time either, but we’ve received several great ideas that we hope to be able to work on soon.

We are really happy to see that the majority seems to be happy with what we can provide. We still think the number of people that’s not satisfied is a bit high, but the result is better than last year. So the trend is positive!

We’ve accomplished a lot

We’ve accomplished a lot in 2018. We’ve expanded the functionality a lot, delivered a stable service with high uptime and we’ve grown internationally.

We released our very own app, we moved to a new server and we’ve done several improvements to route calculation, optimization and ETA calculation.

Our economy is still healthy, even though we’ve expanded a lot and gotten drastically higher expenses in 2018. That’s thanks to all our wonderful contributors. We ended 2018 with a positive balance, and we are able to continue to provide our services in 2019 🙂

The road ahead is a stable service, with lots of users. We still receive lots of feature requests (keep them coming, we love hearing your ideas!), and we continue to implement as many as we’re capable of.

Brand and internationalization

We will continue to focus on building our brand internationally, and work to make the preferred tool for planning of both small and large caching trips.

We attended several events in 2018, and hope to be able to attend at least as many in 2019.


People often request features that we already have. They just don’t know about it.

So we want to continue to focus on training, and resources like the help center.

Trip templates

Trip templates have been one of our cornerstones since the start. And we hope that we eventually manage to turn the negative trend, and increase the number of active trip templates in 2019.

We didn’t manage to do so in 2018, but we won’t let that stop us from trying in 2019!

We continue in line with our users requests

We continue as before, and will continue to develop in line with our users requests
also in 2019.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)


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