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This blog post is our monthly(-ish) newsletter style blog post. has always been open, and to ensure that we stay open we want to use this newsletter to share information about what’s going on.

Recent changes

We’ve spent most of the time during the past month on fixing minor bugs and improving things behind the scenes.

The app has gotten a couple upgrades, but we haven’t released the new version yet. We hope to do so within the next 1-2 weeks.

We also made a calculator for the current “You might be a geocacher if…” souvenir, and will of course make another one for the last souvenir next month.

You can now attach links to your ToDo-items.

We’re still testing the new route optimization feature. Read more about it here, give it a test, and please do give us feedback on this quick survey.

AngeEtDemon has finished translating the entire site to French, and we have just enabled the French translation!

New team member

 Kittykatch recently joined the ambassador team. She is our first, and only, ambassador in the Southern hemisphere!

Things we’re working on now

We are currently working on improving some of the features in the app, as well as doing some “low hanging fruits” (things that are quick and easy to do).

We have also started planning and designing the change to the new API.

If you have’t already, please take the time to complete our app survey.

Things we intend to work on soon

We intend do continue working on the move to the new API, which we expect will take some time.

The new API is very different from the old, and does in some cases allow us to do more than the old API. So we expect to be able to improve the user experience in some areas (import/export of bookmark list, corrected coordinates, notes etc) after the migration is done.

We also hope to be able to finally add some more details to the waypoint list in the app

Upcoming events

Attending a event, class, talk etc. is a nice way to learn more about the site. Our wonderful ambassadors, and even some really cool users, will be attending several events during the next months.

Event Region What
November 18th
Mega-Event Cache GC75D90 The Parkville Event 2018
Talk with Bukkazoom67
November 19th
Mega-Event Cache GC7ZRTX GorgonVaktmesters Workshop #2
Workshop with
November 25th
Mega-Event Cache GC7GAZP Den polévky gazpacho 2018/Gazpacho soup day 2018
Class and workshop with Quox
December 2nd
Mega-Event Cache GC7ZCYH Let’s take a cachetur
Class with

Our economy

Running require a constant focus on our expenses, we want to provide you the best service we can, but we can’t consume more services than we are able to pay for.

We saw a nice increase in donations after we wrote the blog post a couple months ago. But it didn’t last, and we’re down to the lowest level we’ve seen this year.

We still have enough money to operate the site, but we need to turn the trend and keep it on a more stable level before we run out.

Remember that all of us that work on this site (and app), including developer and all ambassadors, do this for free in our spare time. does not pay anyone 🙂

Other related news

Remember the current and upcoming souvenirs:

  • Suvenirlogo You might be a Social Butterfly if…
    Earn 70 individual Friend League points between October 29th and December 3rd
  • Thanks 2018
    Earn the Thanks 2018 souvenir by finding any geocache or attending an event on December 31, 2018
  • Hello 2019
    Earn the Hello 2019 souvenir by finding another geocache or attending a different event on January 1, 2019

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)


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