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Geocaching since: November 13th 2009 user since: September 20th 2014
Number of finds: 12 474
Number of trips: 32
Favorite cache type: Virtual
Favorite print template: Detailed, left aligned – Default
Home county:  Østfold

What’s your caching style?

I’ve done most things within geocaching. There are exceptions of course, but the trips I remember the most, are the long vacation trips where there are a lot of memorable moments. Either U.S.A. or Japan. It’s not the many caches that is the most rewarding to me, even though that is done as well, but it’s the few memorable ones. The hikes in Oregon to find this one cache, GC17 is great. I’ve done it twice (logged once)! Often very old caches on a place with an awesome view. The hike to GCD is really nice, but the view from GC31H5Q ‘Livin on the edge!’ is breathtaking! Creative caches as well, is really worth mentioning. Some of those really stays with me.

Trips with various D/T is always fun and challenging, and on top of the list. That way I get to get a bit out of my comfort zone every now and then. Climbing in trees, mountains (via ferrata), explore lost places, free diving or similar.

Tell us a bit about your last trip

My last trip was to Oslo with titi89 and Draupne. We had planned both diving-, island- and cavecaches, and a few trees to climb and some virtuals. The trip was planned using, of course, and to keep track of the time, we also used the newly developed app on an Android phone.

Which feature on do you like the most?

The feature I use the most, is the opportunity to invite others on the trip with me. That way we can collaborate finding the best caches for the trip, as well as caches everyone would like to find and make a plan of it. We all have different needs and wants, and with collaborating, we can create a plan that works for everyone. That’s also the reason I haven’t created that many trips. My girlfriend and other geocaching friends invite me to trips as well. So I’ve been participating in a lot more trips (120+) than I have created.

What functionality do you emphasise when talking about to people who do not use

The opportunity to work together to plan a detailed trip, print trip for complete overview, and the the app to keep better track of the time. Also the ability to generate a .gpx file to upload to your smartphone or GPSr.

Why do you use

It’s without a doubt the best tool for planning a geocaching trip. Either if it’s a trip for me alone, or a trip with friends. It give me the best overview on how to spend my day, what caches to find, sights to see, and how much time I spend. Making the most out of my day with the time I have available.

Why do you contribute financially to

I support because I have faith in the tool and the developer behind it. It’s a tool more people should use, and one that many people across the world use today.

Whats the most important thing can do you you? give me a good overview of my trip in a user friendly way. It also let me print the trip so I can make a booklet with everything I need. Airline tickets, rental car, hotel bookings and the cache trip itself, all in one booklet. It’ll also make a nice souvenir for viewing later.

How has helped you plan trips with others?

We collaborate on adding caches, solving mysteries using lists, and correcting the coordinates. If there are many mysteries, we may use a list and move the solved caches to the trip when done. The ones invited to the trip find the caches they want the most, and we make a plan together.

How did the app help you on your trip?

I was testing it for the first time on the last trip, and it gave me a good overview on the planned caches for the day and the expected ETA. We ended up an hour and a half behind, but I forgot to include lunch break. Even though it’s still under development, it’s fully functional. It will definitely be used in the future.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)