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Our goal is that should be the perfect tool both for planning your trips but also for help during and after the trip. That is why we already have tools made to assist you after the trip is done. But there’s one thing missing. You will still have to go other places to log your finds.

Help us set the course

Internally we have talked a bit lately about implementing logging directly from We have now reached the phase where we need some more info from you – our users. What do you use today, and what would you need from And if you even want to log from

So we would greatly appreciate if you can take the time to complete this survey.

You may submit your answer in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English 🙂

So, what do we want to do?

Everything is still on the drawing board, and we don’t have any solution ready. But some of the things we are discussing, and actively considering are:

  • Full synchronization of field notes/drafts between and (and any other app that supports this)
  • Log templates
  • Simple image upload
  • Detailed information view when logging, with StreetView, map, last logs, own notes and quick view of the logs from other trip participants
  • Full integration with task answers
  • Logging of Found It/DNF/NM directly in the app, which will then be transferred to where you can finish and submit the log (or even on, thanks to the automatic synchronization)
  • Some kind of tool to assist families caching together with multiple accounts

When can I start submitting my logs?

This is not something we will manage to make tonight. Not even during next week. This is still only in the idea phase, and the response we get here will help set the tempo.

We have a lot of other issues we need to give priority over the next month/year. So whenever we start on this, we will have to focus on getting the core functionality running first. And then expand from there.

Do you have any comments?

Share them with us!

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)

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