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Geocaching since: June 11th 2011 user since: July 6th 2014
Number of finds: 6 168
Number of trips: 102
Favorite cache type:  Earthcache
Home county:  Akershus Norway

What’s your caching style?

I’m ready for most, and that’s why geocaching is such a good hobby and includes so many. If I want to do park n’ grab caches only one day, I’ll do that. If I want to log as many mysteries as possible in 24 hours, I’ll do that as well.
Tree climbing has also opened up a whole other dimension in my geocaching, where I really get to challenge myself.

Tell us a bit about your last trip

The last trip was a family trip in Norway. I ended up logging 3 (to me) new counties, and 43 new municipalities. Another 16 new earthcaches, which got me up to 181 in total.

The beautiful nature in Norway and Geiranger bathing in the sun, is a memory you won’t soon forget.

One of the best things with the trip was that the rest of the family, which isn’t that much into geocaching, got plenty of breaks. That way it didn’t bother them too much logging many caches = win for everyone. 🙂

Which feature on do you like the most?

The Cachetur assistant, and the opportunity to see which municipalities you drive through on i.e. Project-gc. And of course that I can add caches directly from that interface to

What functionality do you emphasise when talking about to people who do not use

  • You get everything you need for your geocaching trip in one spot
  • Import/Export corrected coordinates
  • Export to .gpx

Why do you use

It makes the planning SO much easier, and a lot more fun!

Why do you contribute financially to

I like supporting services that makes my planning easier, and meet my needs.

I also have a good experience with my own requests being implemented, and I also feel that I contribute in that way.

How has helped you plan trips with others?

I’m a member in several groups where trips (both short and long) are planned. is the obvious choice for us.

How did the app help you on your trip?

On my last trip this Summer, I used the app to see how far ahead/behind schedule we were the first day, and it was pretty genius, even though I had to drop a few of the planned caches.

What do you think about the user support?

Couldn’t have been better. You’ll have a hard time finding another service providing a quicker response.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)