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Geocacher since: April 10th, 2010 user since:: August 28th, 2015
Number of finds: 2 755
Number of trips: 56
Favorite cache type:Multi-cache*
Favorite print template: Detailed, left aligned – default
Home region:  Värmlands län, Sweden

What’s your favorite cache type?

Cache type can be interpreted in different ways, but i assume you mean in the form of which icon, and to be honest I don’t have a preferred type (such as  multi, letterbox trad etc.), I enjoy “that geocache” which shows me a place I otherwise would’ve missed – Give me an nice nature experience, tell a good story, an cool custom made container, or that helps me to qualify for an challenge. But I would recommend multies. We’ve logged many of the national series (church micro, “a fine pair” (phone boot and post box next to each other ), village signs etc in England. These are usually short and easy, but have taken us to many great places.

What’s your caching style?

A little bit of this and that. ME5 is almost a team, we are a family of 4 where she is hooked, he helps, and the kids aren’t quite into it. It’s not that often that I (she) leaves for dedicated geocaching trips, but it happens.

For large parts of the year I seize the opportunities that present themselves, such as when I’ve been ona cource, while on vacation, visiting frends and so on.
I enjoy it when I can plan a list (that always ends up being to long) prior to a trip. Instead of courses / congresses, I have trampled / cycled around Rotterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg.. I enjoy urban caching mostly bacause I get to see the city – there’s many places and sights I never would have seen otherwise. I always try to get more than just traditionals – have cycled all across both Gothenburg and Stockholm on wherigo-adventures, which is the sort of cache experience that’s hard to forget. But geocaching also made me start “walking again” again, It was a typical activity in my childhood that was hidden away for many years. I like trips with a purpose the most, but is quite fond of the woods, and there’s a lot of woods both where i come from and in Värmland. In that sense, it’s an unbeatable combination if there’s a geocache waiting for me at a nice place
– a water, a viewpoint, a cultural historical place – there is so much nice to experience that geocaching helps to identify. I have also gradually cached more with more long-term statistics goals and qualifyed for interesting challenges. Sometimes I get sick and tired, but i also find that it helps to find caches with a “meaning” in places that’s “bombarded” by caches. Geocacghing also contributed to that I tried paddeling, which I’ve wanted to try for several years, and that was fun right from the start, so now I’m paddeling for exercise training at the local club. Paddle caching is a favorite form of caching, so there have been some of these (and more to come). A few years back I also tried climbing, but climbing requires that you do it regularly to be able to do it safly, so we’ll see if ME5 picks the ropes back up in the future.

Mystery solving is also fun, but I don’t have the time to prioritize it. But sometimes I find the time, and it’s fun when you solve it. Learned a lot about chipers, languages etc that I didn’t even know existed – there’s plenty ways to hide coordinates!

In the end I enjoy just about anything as long as the opertunity presents intelf.

Tell us a bit about your last trip

It was a round trip to Haugesund to visit the family. We usually go away for a week every year, and I always have (to)many geocaches on my list, mostly solved mysteries that i didn’t get to log this year either… On the roundtrip I had added missing sectors for the 360-degrees of Norway challenge along the route – just enough stops to keep the trip from taking to much time. And I managed to get my family to come along for an event on Himakånå – Nedstrand’s version of Trolltunga, and it was an great experience.

The last big trip I planned was for the May 1st weekend. The last couple of years there’s been a mega event in Kent, England, but not this year.  But we had arranged for an “adult” trip anyways and organized babysitters, and brought my husband on something that by our standards was cache madness. In Cornwall there’s a geoart with 360 mysterys – Compass. We made a goal of completing it in two days, and that’s  when was indispensable by helping us with the route planning. It was an incredible feeling to complete the goal with the last cache, scratched, sweaty and muddy after countless meetings with hawthorn, stinging nettles and other growths stabbing and swirling. I almost miss finding petlings in spruces ….

How do you use the Trip templates?

I’ve peaked at them, but haven’t used them – mostly as an inspirational source for how to build a trip, and maybe find some nice tips for where I’m going. I wish the search- and sorting-function of trip templates was a little better, think that may be a reason for why I don’t use it that much.

Which feature on are you most happy about?

I’m probably not amongst the most advanced geocachers or users, but I like that we are able to sort caches in our order, write comments, import corrected coordinates and display the route on a map. And that it’s easy to display the same list on, project-GC and

What functionality do you emphasise when talking about to people who do not use

There’s not that many active cachers where I live, but I use to brag about whenever i can. I tell them about how you can create a driving route with caches, that can easily be adjusted, you get the route in a map, and that several people can work on the same list.

Why do you use gives me the option to create a route for both short (4-5 caches) and long trips.

Why do you contribute financially to

Because I understand how much time is behind everything, and that it isn’t free.

What is the most important thing does for you?

Makes everything easier with a good driving route.

How has helped you plan trips with others?

I haven’t planned any trips with others, since I don’t know any other users.

How did the app help you on your trip?

I’ve barely tried the Iphone version, but the app dosn’t have enough options to replace paper prints/offline-lists in the app.

What do you think about the user support?

I’ve asked a little on facebook and read in the helpcenter – always gotten quick replyes, and it’s easy to navigate in the helpcenter.

Something else you want to say?

Without, the planning of the trip to Cornwall would have been far more difficult to plan. We had to keep a high pace and it was great to have a list in front of us with comments on where we could park, which side of the road the cache was etc etc. The first major caching trip I planned I did with the help of excel. There is a HUGE difference! is evolving all the time and me who have lived so long in Sweden have found that I actually like the Swedish translation better than the Norwegian have probably become a bit too “Swidish” in the language so I did not really understand the meaning of some of the menu titles (haha). Looking forward to see if the app is able to present the same information as the web version, it would be absolutely perfect (I just need to remember to have at least one more powerbank tho’ ….)

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)