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Geocacher since: August 2nd, 2016
User on since: September 18th, 2016
Number of finds: 4 355
Number of trips: 38
Number of trip templates: 3
Favorite print template: Simple list with icons and coordinates – Speedy54 version
Home region:  Telemark Norway

What’s your caching style?

Since I’m disabled, I have plenty of time to find these plastic boxes in all shapes and colors. To go out everyday keeps me in shape and sometimes it’s a big problem to sit down at home and then it’s okay to have something  to spend my time on. In all kinds of weather. With over 4000 finds in just under two years, I have not been on my lazy side. Started August 2, 2016 and has had a steep curve.

I’m not so fond of cities with noise and many people, I keep away from big cities and center cores. But otherwise, there is not much that obstructs me. Love to see and experience new things, so I’m allways in new places. Summit trips or walks in woods and fields is what I like best, but I have to admit that I have spent too much time behind the wheel in the car and done some park & ​​grab caches. I realy like going on caching trips with others, and wood/nature cache trails, no matter what type of cache it is. Sumit trips, trails, etc.

Climbing …. not with equipment, but where I can use ladders or free climbing, I’m not saying no to signing the log. I work with mysteries when the body needs rest and try my best to solve most of them.

Tell us a bit about your last trip

My last trip was with Bokelskern, on a trip she had made for the Vestfold Power trail. Where we did all 300 caches in a day. There was 4 of us in a car,  we did not have enough food and drinks and had to drive a little detour to get more energy.
The time passed to quick, so we didn’t have time for all the caches that weren’t part of the Power Trail, but we did the ones we passed. All thanked to a a good aid in the form of a printout.

I also wish to mention the trip to ROGEO, this year I made a trip with subtrips etc.. with an an incredible number of caches, ended up with loging less then half of them.  But then it’s nice to be able to look at ended trips, and add these caches in a list for later use.

Why do you create Trip templates?

I made a public Trip template for the Vestforld Powertrail, since a felt it belonged here.

In addition I’ve made a public list for GM81 in Skien, that contains all D/T’s on multi caches.

Which feature on are you most happy about?

I’m quite fond of lists, because I can store trips and mystery’s there until I know when I have the time to do them.

What functionality do you emphasise when talking about to people who do not use

It’s easy to get an overview of events, and it’s an easy place to create  lists and trips of your choosing. And the Trip templates and publick lists is a time saver.

Why do you use gives me a nice overview of all trips I wish to do. It’s a nice site to create and share with others as well, especially when we are solving mysteries together. Nice to have all the information in one place. It’s also nice that we can write notes on how we solved these tasks, and easily find them for later use.

Why do you contribute financially to

I think this is a nice tool that I use frequently. And then I felt I should contribute, and help to be here in the future.

What is the most important thing does for you?

Teaches me how to get a better system and overview of my cache trips and solved mysteries, since the one paper here, and another paper there system didn’t work for me at all.

How has helped you plan trips with others?

We create trips/list together, solves mysteries, add and remove caches, sort by route/distance. And we get a nice indication on how long the trip is going to be, at least as long as we don’t use to much time at or between our finds.

How did the app help you on your trip?

I’ve just started to use this app and have to say that as long as I have a planned trip where I have a print, I’ll use it and not the app.

I miss the option to use the app on lists, because had that option been there, it would have been easier for someone who is as impulsive as me to just open it up when I was somewhere other than planned.

What do you think about the user support?

Quick, friendly and top notch.

Something else you want to say?

There is not much more to say about this page. Other thanks a lot for making this page and sharing it with us.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)