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We released version 1.0 of the app today. Which means that we think it is ready for use now.

Available on Google Play Available in App Store


We give the app away for free, just like But this does not mean that it’s free to make. We have various expenses, like app store fees, and equipment and licenses needed to be allowed to submit the app to the app stores.

The contributions seem to have stopped, so currently only 59% of the current expenses have been covered. We also expect increasing cost later in the year.

A huge thank you to those of you hat have contributed! You made this possible!


We made the app to be your trip assistant, as a nice addition to the existing tools. It will not replace the website. But it will allow you to download your trips, and make them available offline.

The most useful feature (we believe), is the ability to mark arrival (press one of the waypoints, and then Arrived). The app will then recalculate, and show updated ETAs for the rest of the trip. At the bottom, you will get a clear status indicating if you are behind your planned schedule or not.

You can also display the waypoints on a map (the map will not work offline), and get the route colored after your current status (ahead/behind).

Known problems

There are currently two know issues with the app:

  • It does not work on devices with Android 4.4 that does not fully support TLS1.2
  • Map icons doesn’t scale very nice on iOS (but looks great on Android)

The road ahead

There won’t happen much during the next couple months. But we do have some ideas on what we want to add to the app.

  • List of upcoming events near you
  • Search for nearby RV sites
  • Add RV site directly from the app
  • Grouping of upcoming and past trips on the home screen


Please share your wishes, ideas and feedback on the Community. For support, please use our support sytem.

Remember to rate the app in the Play Store / App Store! 🙂

Remember also to tag your Instagram photos with #cacheturno or #cacheturapp


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This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)



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