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There’s a lot of work behind making the tool it is. And all that work is carried out by a small group of dedicated people.

Development and operations

Thomfre uses countless hours on New and challenging requests are constantly coming in, and he does his best to deliver the features the users want (within his ability and time). But unfortunately, this can take time sometimes.

If he get a good idea on how to solve a request, it might be implemented right away. Other times, it can take months (or longer), before the pieces suddenly fall into place.

We both have day jobs we need to take care of, and we are both geocachers as well 😉

The ambassador team

The ambassadors help alleviate the workload a lot, giving thomfre more time to continue the development.

They are a vital part of discussions about new features, economics and operations. Their advice have helped shape into what it is today.

The ambassadors also help promote, represent us in Podcasts, on events etc.

They help spread the word worldwide.

But when all is said and done, all decisions are still done by thomfre 😉

The ambassador team currently consists of 11 Norwegian, 2 Danish and 3 American ambassadors.

Support and training

We receive several support requests every week, both through our internal system and through various Facebook groups and other media. Some also send requests directly to thomfre or some of the ambassadors.

Around half of all the support requests, are now answered by the ambassador team. They will be a great asset during the summer, when we’re out traveling, and drive around in different time zones.

The ambassadors, mainly cghove and platoaddict, are also keeping the Help Center up to date.

Several of the ambassadors, mainly platoaddict, MrEvensen, GorgonVaktmester, cghove and Korsgat, travel around the world to talk about on events and hold classes to teach people about our tools.

Event times

The ambassadors also help register event times (start and end) for events all around the globe. This allows our users to easily see when an event starts and ends. More than 11 000 event times have been registered since January this year. And for some events, this is hard work. We sometimes wonder if it’s a competition to hide the start/end time.Moderering


The ambassadors also help keep the high quality on trip templates, lists and RV sites. They actually handle most of this job.


Several of the ambassadors are also translators, and we have a couple outside the team that also contribute.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)