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When 8000+ geocachers arrived at Coney Island, the venue for the first Giga event outside Europe, they were presented with a wide array of activities including lab caches, vendors, podcasters and vloggers, amusement park rides, visiting with Signal, and one more: in depth learning with a variety of speakers. presentation was the focus of a presentation by platoaddict, whose short talk focused on core features such as trip route optimization with estimated time of arrival, integration with and, and printable trip plans.

Advanced features such as using trip legs to create caches along route pocket queries were also covered, as were user support options including the User Forum Facebook group and the Help Center.

First meeting of the American ambassador team!

Two other American ambassadors, rragan and twlare, were on hand to answer questions after the talk. Attendees were enthusiastic to learn about a powerful, free tool for planning upcoming caching adventures.

Norwegian users at GWS was also visible on this highly visible Norwegian geocacher. If you’ve seen enough videos and pictures from the event, you probably have seen that flag…

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This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)