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We registered the domain a couple weeks ago. We didn’t have any plans to use it for anything, but we have talked about making a app several times over the years.

It might finally happen

We have added a lot of functionality during the last half year, and it makes sense to put some of it in a app.

And this is why we intend to start looking at this now. It can take a while before we have anything usable ready, and it probably will take even longer before we have something you want to use. But we have to start somewhere.

First goal

The first goal is to create a very basic app, that will work as a natural extension to the physical printouts from

The current plan:

  • A basic app that fetches data directly from
  • A simple list of the waypoints in your trip (with limited information), with the ETA
  • A simple way for you to register the actual arrival time, and the the ETA recalculated for the rest of the trip

We think this is the fastest way to something that might be useful. And it’s something that we can continue to build upon.

We need your help

We want to create a group of dedicated users, both for beta testing (when we get that far), for idea bouncing and to help shape and prioritize functionality.

Do you want to help? Can you answer yes to the three questions below? Fill out this google form to join our test group.

  • Are you an active user on
  • Are you willing to participate actively in discussions in Slack? (available both for web and mobile)
  • Are you willing to help beta test the app?

Android and iOS

We are aiming at building a cross platform application, that will work equally great on both Android and iOS. But we have to limit it to Android until we can get the equipment we need to do iOS development.

Apple require that you have a Mac, both for simulating and building iOS apps. And this is why we are looking for a cheap Mac and a cheap (used) iPhone (running minimum iOS 8.0, but preferably something newer).


If we ignore the cost of the equipment, we also have to pay to get the app into Google Play and App Store. Google Play is a one time fee of $25, and App Store is a annual fee of $99.

We are aiming at keeping the app free, just like we do with

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål) Deutsch (German)


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