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During this weekend, both developer and several ambassadors attended the annual Norwegian Viking mega event. We started the long weekend with our event, Meet And what a start it was! Lots of people, and a magical sunset.

Many ambassadors in one place

Since so many of us attended, we decided to meet up and try to take a group photo (as well as spending some time together in real life).

Luckily for you, we are better at responding to support requests, than we are at looking serious on pictures. class

All species listened when GorgonVaktmester talked about the features of

A class is the perfect way to learn more about, and how you can use it. Feel free to send us a request if your organization/group want to host a class.


We quickly noticed all the various t-shirts and other clothing around the event area. This did kinda make us a bit proud.

And seeing several contributors wear the new blue (Norwegian) contributor t-shirt, made us very happy!

Nice feedback

Some of the best things with the entire weekend, was everyone that took the time to talk to us and tell us that they like We really appreciate feedback like this!

It’s feedback, and seeing that people use and enjoy what we make, that makes it worth spending time on.

But even though all development is done by one person, we are a large team that handles several other tasks. Our amazing ambassadors spend a lot of time on everything from updating the help center (to keep up with my changes), the blog, answering support requests, answering questions in various Facebook groups, teaching classes, moderating trip templates and RV sites to registering event times for all events in several countries around the globe.

So the next time you meet an ambassador, make sure to say thank you! They deserve it.

More ambassadors on the road

All of our American ambassadors are attending GeoWoodstock in a few days. platoaddict will do a talk about on GWS. Make sure to attend, and take the opportunity to say hi (and thank you) afterwards.

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)



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