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We celebrated our third “birthday” last year, but we couldn’t figure out what the correct date was. We have been doing a bit more digging this year, and figured out the exact date.

All of Norway is celebrating

All of Norway is celebrating this day, but most of them not because it’s’s birthday., in it’s current form, saw the light of day May 17th 2014. May 17th is also Norway’s National Day.

The predecessor to is a bit older, and if you’re interested in the story behind, you can read more in our timeline.

We’re not planning any big celebration this year, but we are hosting an event in connection with the Norwegian Viking mega event – GC7MXGT Meet

Anniversary competition

We’re doing a quick anniversary competition on the event, and it’s really easy to participate:

Log your will attend, and participate. That’s it.
*WA must be logged before May 16th 11:59pm Central European Time.

One lucky participant will take this nice ammo can with them home:


The same day, at least if we’re looking at it a bit more international, GeoGearHeads will interview our American ambassador, platoaddict. She will be live on episode 333.

They start broadcasting at 9:10pm Eastern Daylight Time, which is 3:10am in Norway.

We will do our best to stay awake, and try to follow the show. Maybe some other Norwegians will join us as well?

If you’re located a bit closer to the EDT timezone, we recommend that you tune in and listen!

If you can’t, you can listen to the recorded show whenever you have time.


Even if you can’t join in on any of this, you can still be a part of the celebration! Share your cachetur-pictures on Instagram with #cacheturno

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)



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