This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)

Easter is here again, and many have already started their Easter trips. We’re starting our tomorrow.

We’re still open will of course remain open! So you can continue to plan your trips or use on your ongoing trips.

But with limited support on the more difficult cases

From now and until April 4th, you should expect slower response times on support. The more difficult cases can take as long as 1-2 days to resolve. But our goal is still to respond as quickly as we can, so don’t be afraid to submit support requests!

And a short break in the development

Requests requiring changes or development, will be postponed until after Easter. But we know from experience that the best ideas come when using, and when out traveling. So please, submit all your ideas to us!

Thank you to all our contributors

We’ve gotten quite a few donations during the last month, which allows us to continue without ads or membership fees. Thank you!

We have also created a Facebook group for our contributors, please contact us if you haven’t received an invitation yet. Feel free to contact us if you want access to our Slack (chat) as well 🙂

Happy Easter!

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)



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