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A lot has happened on since last weekend. We’ve been working a lot, both during the week and during this weekend.

We’ve added functionality that has the potential to increase our expenses. But thanks to your generous sponsors, we can do that. They are the ones keeping ad-free and completely free to use. And we want to keep it that way. Our goal is to give the community the best geocaching trip planning tool money can’t buy 😉

We love getting feedback, so please let us know if we did good or not! 🙂

Highlight caches with a specific D/T or hidden month

Sometimes you want to see exactly which caches in a trip that has a specific D/T or hidden month. If you have activated extended statistics in trips, you can easily do this now. Simply click the D/T or hidden month in the table, and the caches will be highlighted.

Picture- and file upload

We have added picture upload and gallery to trip templates and RV sites. And we have added picture and file upload to trips, support cases and task answers.

Automatic translation of hints will automatically translate all cache hints to English. If a translation exists, and it differs from the hint shown on the cache, it will be shown as in the example below. You can also choose to include the translated hints when printing a trip.

New status page

We installed a new status page, as a replacement of our old custom made status page. The new status page has a lot more features, especially for administrators. Now it’s possible for the ambassadors to keep the status updated, whenever I’m away on Holiday. The new status page is also in English, making it a lot easier to read for our international users.

The internationalization is completed

We have ironed out the last issues regarding internationalization, and we are now fully ready for international users!

Every user can now configure date format, time format, number format, units and time zone. In addition to your home time zone, you can override time zones on trips, with individual settings for start and end time. That way, you can start your trip in one time zone, and finish it in another.

Support for multiple routing types in one trip

We added a new option to waypoint, to change the current routing type. With this new option, you can have a driving trip, and include a short hike in the middle. You can also separate a driving trip into two (or more) separate legs.

ToDo templates

We added templates for ToDo items. You can use them to easily insert ToDo items you often use on trips. These templates can also be used when quick creating subtrips.

Trip templates and public lists on, via Cachetur Assistant

The Cachetur Assistant will now add trip templates and public lists containting the cache to the sidebar on cache detail pages on


  • Removed the trip type “Long trip”
  • Sections now remembers the collapsed state
  • Improvements to admin and moderator tools
  • Various minor bug fixes

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)


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