This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)

This is the first blog post we do in English. And if everything goes well, it won’t be the last! is being translated!

We are currently working on making ready for translation. Our volunteer translators are working in parallell, translating whatever’s ready for translation.

Some tings will look strange, and some things are only partly translated. This is especially true for languages that is not marked as Active below.

This site is a hobby project, and neither developer, translators nor anyone else get paid or any other rewards for working on this site. Things will take time. Errors may happen. And translations might look unprofessional.

Our focus right now is on getting the site translated to English (because that’s the major international language) and Swedish (because we have several sponsors from Sweden). This might change, if and when we get volunteers and sponsors from other countries.

There are lots of challenges attached to this process. You can see some of our challenges in the list below. We can, and will, do something about most of them. But some we can’t do much about.

  • Our base language is Norwegian, so for the time being you will need to expect to see Norwegian text around, even though you’ve selected English as your language.
  • Some of our functionality is aimed specifically at our Norwegian users, and probably won’t make much sense outside of Norway.
  • Norwegian number, date and time formats are used.
  • All trips are started and ended based on Central European Time Zone, the time zone where our servers are running.
  • Our blog, forum and help center is currently only available in Norwegian.
  • might not be a name that is very appealing outside of Norway, but as of now, that’s our brand.
  • Our URLs are mostly Norwegian, which might look a bit strange if you don’t understand Norwegian.

You can track the progress of the translation work at

This post is also available in: Norsk bokmål (Norwegian Bokmål)



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